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SafeWood FRX offers maintenance free fire retardant treated wood. It is protected by an advanced polymer based formulation (NON-COM Exterior) that allows application of finished products in exterior or severe damp situations without the need for further treatment. When subjected to fire, the fire retardant ingredients react with combustible gases in the wood, and convert them to carbon char, carbon dioxide and water. The surface char acts to insulate underlying wood and substantially extends the period before flashover occurs.

Timber products are impregnated with the NON-COM Exterior formulation in a vacuum pressure impregnation plant, followed by a kiln drying and high temperature curing schedule to return the timber to an acceptable or specified moisture content. There is a negligible loss of bending strength and impact resistance of the timber and the resulting SafeWood FRX has excellent long-term fire retardant protection and complies with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

This technology has been employed for over 40 years with proven stability and safety in Western Europe and the United States. It is fully tested in accordance with the most up to date European Standards (Euroclasses) on the Construction Products Regulation and classified in accordance with EN 13501-1. Euroclass C/B fire performance can be achieved for a wide range of timber and plywood species. It is listed in the UK WPA Fire Retardant Manual as a leach resistant industrial treatment for exterior timbers.

With the treatment of SafeWood FRX it is still possible to consciously choose colour and structure of specific timber species. The timber itself comes from sustainable managed forests, which earns it a PEFC or FSC certificate.

SafeWood FRX offers a unique solution for exterior application since no maintenance or coatings are required. For the full life cycle the product is in accordance with the Construction Products Regulation. This makes SafeWood FRX an attractive for open and closed cladding systems and an excellent and assured choice for public buildings such as schools or hospitals. This material innovation has in fact been successfully applied in a variety of projects such as Amsterdam Bijlmer Arena Train station, Meander Hospital Amersfoort and Fiep Westendorp Primary School Amsterdam.

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