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Alulight is an isotropic and porous aluminium material with a cellular structure and extraordinary mechanical as well as physical properties at a very low density.

Alulight – Panels:

– are very stiff at a very low weight
– are very effective in terms of acoustical absorption, electromagnetic shielding and structural damping
– isolate and are fireproof
– absorb impact energy regardless of impact direction (isotropic)
– are much more stable than organical materials like wood or plastics
– are completely recycleable

Alulight – sandwich constructed panels may be treated either on a single or on both sides. Depending on your needs you may want to have a panel with a better-looking surface. To achieve that additional aluminium plates are diffusion welded to the panel’s surface.
Alulight – Panels are easy to process with conventional techniques like sawing, drilling or turning – almost like wood. The only thing to keep in mind is that whilst treating the material the inner pore structures are revealed.
Alulight – Panels can be made from umpteen cast and wrought alloys. The most important ones are:

– pure aluminium
– curing (modelling-)alloys from series 6000 and
– cast alloys based on AlSi12.

Panels may be attached with nails, bolts or using other (e.g. churned) attachement elements. It is also possible to use soldering techniques which work under the specified melting temperature of the base alloy.
Alulight – Panels with or without aluminium cover sheet can be supplied in
dimensions up to 625 x 625 mm and thicknesses from 8 to 25 mm (+/- 0.3 mm).

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