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Aluminium Foam Glass Sandwich

Hale GmbH

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The new combination of Aluminium foam covered with Glass panels, called AFGS (AluminiumFoamGlassSandwich), offers a lot of intresting properties, such as:High Bending Stiffness with much lower weight than bulk glass.
The Aluminium Foam has a density of 0.5 kg/l. Which means it floats in water. The Glass cover opens the possibility to keep a shining and easy cleaning surface, like normal glass, but with the difference of the look of Aluminium Foam. The look can be diversified with, e.g. different coatings or pores or even with small holes to let the light shine through.
The cellular structure of the Foam is also damping noise and vibration, because structural damping is the result of internal friction and slight plastic deformation of the pores. The alu foam structure is very light in weight and therefore easy to install as partition for example. The foam also increases the sound proofing.
Glass combined many designs of inlays present a wide range of optical effects.Maximum available sizes are 3*4 feet.

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