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Eltec can be produced as custom-made and ready-made panels, including furniture fronts edge and pre-drilling. Eltec can be coated with Senosan- acrylic film made by the company Senoplast. This gives a real glass look!
SENOSAN® high gloss acrylic foil is a co-extruded sheet produced from ABS and PMMA. The ABS reinforcement layer gives the sanitary part additional rigidity and allows a minimum of additional reinforcement. The very good flow properties allows easy processing on modern thermoforming equipment. Complicated formings (narrow angles and edges) and excellent material distribution are possible.
At ELTEC the highly polished surfaces can be bonded through PUR Hotmelt. The result is a very glossy (glass look-a-like) and a very high quality surface.
In order to produce post-formed panels, the laminate should be available in a in bending quality (only possible with CPL and HPL).

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