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Flow; ArmourCast sculptural wall panels are made from a composition of high purity gypsum plaster, crushed marble & limestone and acrylic polymer. The panels are an entirely mineral composition and are non toxic, containing no VOC’s or formaldehyde, and are completely non combustible.
These sculptural panels are cast in polymer modified GRG (glass fibre reinforced gypsum). The panels have been designed and sculpted so that the surface contours will run smoothly from one panel to another to create a continuous sculptural wall design. The panels are extremely dense and hard with a smooth ceramic like surface.
ArmourCast sculptural panels are only suitable for internal use or areas that are not exposed to the elements or large temperature fluctuations.
ArmourCast Sculptural walls have been designed primarily as flat feature walls. At present they are not able to offer sculptural walls onto curved surfaces.
Surface Finishes; the best visual results will be with the use of light colours. Special Armourcoat finish such as Spatulata, Armuralia , Perlata , matt emulsion paint spray give great effects.
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