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Alusion is a versatile material with limitless design and architectural applications.The appearance is similar to a metallic sponge. The “Stabilised Aluminium Foam” creates strong yet lightweight panels. A unique characteristic is the sound absorption qualities which this product can offer in order to ‘tune’ up a space.

The foam can be cut with a circular table saw which includes a diamond tipped blade. It is easily maintained and corrosion resistant for outdoor installations. Applications are facades, wall cladding, showroom displays, restaurants, ceiling tiles, Terrazzo flooring and exhibits. Different colours of aluminium foam are also available.

Alusion is available in three standard versions, Large Cell, Mid Cell & Small Cell. Dimensions 12.7 mm, 25.4 mm and 43.2 mm thick. Stock size is 1,220 mm x 2,440 mm. Can be produced 1,220 mm wide and up to 3,660 mm (12 ft) long in certain thicknesses and densities.

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