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Tyvek UV Façade & Tyvek Roofliner


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Tyvek UV Façade offers open rain screen cladding new design options. Made from tough, flexible and lightweight flash spun bonded polyolefin that offers protection during construction and throughout the lifespan of a building.
The insulation and structure require effective and lifelong protection from the harmful effects of the elements to which a façade is constantly exposed. An advanced protective membrane is specifically designed to meet the needs of open-jointed cladding constructions.
Tyvek RoofLiner is a premium roof underlayment and provides excellent protection against leaks under all types of roof coverings. Tyvek RoofLiner is made with a copolymer, from the family of DuPont polymers used as the basis of roofing membranes. The material is more resistant to mold growth than roofing felt.

Ideal for sloped commercial and residential roofs, new construction and re-roofing applications

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