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Many different polyolefin resins are used in the manufacture of ALVEO products. No matter whether the requirement is for an elastic and soft foam, a foam with high temperature resistance or a special vacuum forming properties or, for that matter, any other special requirements such as flame retardancy, electrical conductivity etc.

Sekisui Alveo AG operates three basically different manufacturing technologies and offers the most complete range of products thus enabling the customers to live up to the principal of single source supply.

Alveolit is available in densities of 25 to 330 kg/m3. The foam thickness ranges from 0,2 to 9 mm and the width is up to 2,2 m depending on density.

Alveolen is available in densities of 25 to 250 kg/m3. The foam thickness ranges from 3 to 12 mm and the width is up to 2,5 m depending on density.

Alveolux is a closed cell bach foam, produced with dimensions of up to 1,2 x 1,2 m with a net useable thickness of up to 35 mm depending on the density ranging from 110 to 330 kg/m3. A broad range of colours is available.

Alveo-Soft is a very soft polyolefin foam with a partly open-cell structure. Its compressive strength values are as low as 5 kPa at 50 % compression. The product shows very good features in comparison to non-generic materials such as PVC, PUR and EPDM: high chemical resistance, aging stability, variety, environmental friendly, low fogging, no odor, skin friendliness.

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