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Milliken Obex four part entrance system is developed to fulfill end user needs by offering highly effective mats and matting in coordinated colours and design. Simple and easy to work with where ever you need primary matting to fit in a matwell or secondary matting in the reception or high traffic walking zones. Further, Milliken offers loose mats with four borders and runners with two borders to cover your need anywhere in the building.
The Obex matts are available in five colours: red, brown, green, grey, antracite. The tiles are 20 x 20 cm and can be hooked together.

Prior is a flexible multipurpose flooring product. Installed as primary outdoor matting, fitted into mat wells or applied to a variety of industrial and commercial tasks. Prior incorporates resilient scrapers to remove particulate dirt. The open structure allows efficient drainage. Prior can also be surface mounted using the Milliken Obex edging system. Prior is available in base colour, Graphite, and is fully compatible with Forma.

The combination of the patented Milliken Obex textile and the Prior module produces a revolutionary matting system. Unequalled in performance and unique in aesthetics: Forma. Compatible with Prior, Forma is available in the same base colour, Graphite. The textile inserts in Forma are available in the complete colour range of the Milliken Obex textile providing full coordination with Atrium Plus.

Atrium Plus
Combining the unique patented Milliken Obex textile with the Everwear™ impervious backing, Atrium Plus offers a good solution to protect floor coverings. Atrium Plus is primarily designed for high traffic applications such as reception and circulation areas– fitted wall to wall or simply loose laid on the floor.

Cero and Cero Plus
Cero Plus, together with Cero, is the perfect entrance matting combination for buildings where there is no mat well, offering flexibility in fitting solutions.
Cero Plus, with it’s alternative rows of heavy duty brushing monofilaments and absorbing fibres, is an efficient product for use as primary matting.
As secondary matting, Cero is the complement to Cero Plus thanks to its functionality in absorbing dirt and moisture. Cero and Cero Plus are manufactured in 25 meter long rolls with two borders on Everwear, impervious backing, offering the option between wall to wall fitting or loose laid on the floor. Cero mats are available in various sizes.

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