Aquatic plant paper


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- story by MaterialDistrict

This paper is made with aquatic plants, which are trimmed to keep the waters navigable. The plant material is mixed with recycled wood pulp, the green fibres remain visible. The more aquatic plants are used, the darker the paper becomes.

The production of the paper started with a project of the municipality Almere in the Netherlands, which was looking for a sustainable solution to reuse the waste aquatic plants. Aquatic plant provide oxygen, food and homes for aquatic life, but can cause damage and hindrance for recreationists. Therefore, the plants have to be trimmed every now and then.

The paper is available in A4 (80g/m²), SRA3 (80g/m² and 315g/m²), and SRA2 (80g/m², 265g/m² and 315g/m²).

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