Novofibre OSSB panel


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Novofibre boards are oriented strand paneling and construction boards made with 100% wheat straw. This is mixed with a formaldehyde-free adhesive (p-MDI) to lower the impact on the environment. The material components are dried with a made-to-measure system and constructed with a constant-speed glue dose and mixing process.

The mixture is continuously hot-pressed to ensure stable, quality products. The panels are treated for UV-resistance with a coating that has low levels of toxic volatile organic compounds. Very little waste water and emissions are produced during manufacture. A wax finish is applied to the top surface of the boards. This ensures low-maintenance, and is repairable if necessary. The boards are also of interest because of their very good heat resistance and dimensional stability.

Novofibre boards are available for various applications (including base sheets, sound-absorbing surfaces, flooring, plywood, and a range of decorative panels), and in various sizes and thicknesses.

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