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Architectural Glass Surfaces


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The Architectural Glass Surfaces are patterned glass materials. It is made using a combination of post-industrial and reclaimed glass in a two to one ratio. The material is manufactured by Interstyle by fusing the glass with ceramic stains under intense heat to form flat slabs of glass to create a gentle ‘ribbon’ look. No other materials or binders are used in the process. The glass is cooled slowly to an annealed state (not tempered or hardened) so that it can be cut and polished to the customers’ needs. The material comes in two variants.

Ribbon Architectural Glass Surfaces are made with strips of float glass that are coloured and assembled vertically in the kiln. The producer currently manufactures nine set colour combinations though they claim any variation to be possible and welcome custom orders.

Crush Architectural Glass Surfaces are made from recycled granulated glass that is coloured and deposited in the kiln. Interstyle currently manufactures 12 set colours, with custom colours also available.

With its wavy lines and vibrant colours, the material really stands out. Each piece is a hand-crafted original. The glass is a colourful alternative to stone for countertops and architectural glass installations. The Ribbon is available in 30mm (+/- 10%) thick sheets in sizes up to 120 cm

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