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This material is no longer available.

Bio-construct (board) is an intermediate product produced from potato cork and an organic resin. The product is initially developed to be used as raw material for building materials. Depending on application requirements or specific use, Bio-construct can be produced to customer requirements.

The main ingredient of Bio-construct is Potato Cork. Potato cork has a low specific weight, is fire resistant, isolating, water-repellent, and has a high tensile strength. In addition it is very sustainable and has a natural look.

The main components of potato cork are lignin, cellulose, hemicelluloses and protein. These parts together represent more than 75% of dry matter in dried potato cork. Dried Potato Cork contains approximately 95% dry matter.

The resin which has been used in Bio-construct is from organic origin. Depending on the product spec’s different resins are used. These resins are patented.

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