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Since their development over 60 years ago, woven glass fibre fabrics have become indispensable throughout industry – mostly when used to reinforce materials such as polyester, epoxy and other resins.
Originally the synthetic polymer silicone – chemically inert and thermally stable – was produced for use as a sealant or bonding agent. However the rapidly expanding market for fabric architecture prompted the increasing use of silicone for coating glass fibre fabrics.
Atex from P-D Interglas Technologies Ltd is the culmination of this hi-tech development with applications for creating lightweight membrane structures that embrace a new contemporary freedom of form, lightness and ecological appeal. Atex meets the criteria of quality, strength, stability, corrosion and fire resistance in today’s modern fabric building culture of spectacular architecture.
Four different membrane compositions are used: glass fibre fabric, silicone, polyurethane and fluoropolymer. Applications are in tensile structures, ceiling constructions, canopies, awnings and façade covers. Advantages are:
– high strength
– outstanding flexibility
– fire retardant
– translucency up to 40%
– temperature resistance from -50

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