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TECU Bond is a large, extremely even, warp resistant sheet clad on both sides with TECU Classic copper. This material can be used as copper for façade and interior design. TECU Bond sheets are simple but efficient in design: under high pressure, 0.5-mm-thick layers of copper are applied onto both surfaces of a polyethylene core, creating an very robust composite material.

The result is a façade material which is easy to work and install. In the factory the copper surfaces are covered with protective foil, which provides the material with effective protection from soiling during construction work. The foil is quick and easy to remove after installation of the sheets. Standard size is 1000x3000mm, special sizes are on request.

Advantages: TECU Bond
– is durable.
– protects the façade both externally and internally.
– reduces the amount of material used.
– is very rigid.
– features extremely even surfaces.
– is easy to work with.

The main areas of application are:
– façade cladding
– façades, bracket-mounted
– roofing, flat or arched
– balcony cladding
– tunnel cladding
– door panels
– partition walls, modular

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