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Wire Weaving Dinxperlo is a manufacturer of wire, wire mesh and cloth, synthetic mesh, filters and sieves. The Dinxperlo mesh range comprises a wide variety of types and variations, with over 400 varieties in stock and infinite possibilities in weaves.

Wire cloth plays an important part in our day-to-day lives, for instance in the treatment of drinking water. Mesh is often used in homes for door and window screens and in cars, like in grills and filters. Dinxperlo mainly produces fabricated items such as woven and spot-welded stainless steel products for technical applications. They also manufacture screen mesh in various metals as well as synthetic fibres.

Stainless steel, uncoated and galvanized iron and aluminium are commonly used, but brass, bronze, wolfram and copper can also be woven. Dinxperlo’s wire mill can supply metal wire in a wide range of diameters. Using hard metal or diamond dies, wires can be drawn with a diameter of 5 mm down to 0.02 mm and even thinner, which can then be soft annealed and supplied on various types of spools. Dinxperlo supplies the wire, but also woven or welded mesh, whether on a roll or in custom made panels.

Dinxperlo comprises a wide variety of looms, ranging from those designed for ultrafine wire cloth with 1,300 hair-thin wires per centimetre to others for coarse mesh with an aperture size of e.g. 5 cm and 3 mm wire. Thousands of combinations can be produced from the wide variety of metals, alloys, weaves and finenesses.

Once woven, many types of wire mesh and cloth are subjected to one or more treatments to perfect them for the particular (architectural) application. The material can be annealed, galvanized, rolled and flattened or given a synthetic coating.

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