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Temal Oy

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Temal Oy is a manufacturer of facade panels in vitreous enamel as well as enamelled sanitary products in the Nordic countries. Established in early 1994, Temal Oy, as a young specialist in enamelling, carries on the Wärtsilä and Hackman traditions which go back to the 1910s.

The panels can stand high temperatures and continual sunshine. The colours of the panels do not fade over the years and their surfaces do not change due to ultraviolet rays. Enamelled facade panels can also be good combined with other facade materials. The modern facade panels are resistant to fluctuating weather conditions, rapid temperature changes, dust, acid rain and dampness. The material stays clean merely with rain water. Another very important criterion for selection is the corrosion- and fire-resistance of the façade panels.

Biological aspects are also taken into account. Due to the nature of enamel, bacteria and mildew harmful to health do not develop on the surface of the Temal façade panel. In cities and other places where people move around a lot, it is important for the surface of the facade panel to be hard and scratch-resistant. Temal facade panels are easily replaceable, and the same colours are still available after many years have passed. The increase in vandalism nowadays also places great demands on the care and maintenance qualities of facade materials. Enamel is easy to keep clean, and thus it can be said to be graffiti’s worst enemy.

The base material of enamelled facade panels is low-carbon steel, and its price changes are small compared to those of stainless or acid-resistant steel. This, of course, makes long term planning and budgeting easier.

The external properties of Temal facade panels meet the demands set for panels by construction engineering standards. These properties include weight, thickness and temperature resistance. Facade panels do not have surfaces that absorb water or dirt. Moisture coming from the inside gets vented out through the structures. Facade panels are friendly to the user, in other words, they are smooth and have no sharp or unfinished edges. The installation of facade panel elements is rapid and uncomplicated, thus keeping handling costs and damage at a minimum.

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