Ayrlite Sonium


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Ayres lightweight panels are aluminium honeycomb structures in various thicknesses and surface treatments. Applications include use in the marine industry, transport and other mobility industries.

The micro perforated Sonium achieves very high sound absorption particularly at low frequencies without using combustible or conventional fibrous materials. The sound absorption properties are very good for such a low weight and fibre free material. Able to reduce interior noise and improve interior acoustic quality, the peak absorption frequency of Sonium can be tailored to the frequency range required, simply by selecting an appropriate panel thickness.

Sonium is faced on one side with a flat micro-perforated aluminium sheet (Sonium flat) or with a corrugated micro-perforated aluminium sheet (Sonium corr). It is a good material for creating sound proof enclosures, wall and ceiling absorbers and for sound absorption in clean rooms, boats, trains and aircraft. Besides the good sound absorption especially at low frequencies it is free of any fibrous or dust-producing materials, low weight, high stiffness and easy to fabricate. It is fully recyclable and has good fire performance.

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