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Foglizzo is able to give any hide unique aesthetics and characteristics with the application of a wide variety of techniques (laser, stamps, colour etc.)

Leatherweaves are hand crafted and can be used in combination with traditional luxury leather and modern leather. The high level of hand crafting involved in the preparation of this product provides opportunities for creativity by playing with sizes, number, colours and kind of leather weaved. Transparent effects can even be obtained by loosening the leather stripes weaved.

A number of material treatments for these woven leathers are available: Thermo reduces by 60% the overheating of hides when exposed to the sun, while H2O  offers treatment against dirt and spots, thus making it suitable for outdoor use, First Class in a non-flammable treatment and the Automotive treatment complies with restrictive automotive standards.

Since 1921, Foglizzo Leather has combined creativity, innovation and skilled know how to craft the highest quality leather. Over a number of generations, the company has honed its technical skills alongside an ability to understand its client’s needs and meet the most sophisticated requirements.

Today, this involvement continues, offering a range of customized and stock leathers including four ranges: Queen, Lord, Duke and Diamond. Each range offers different styles of grain and  a wealth of colour choices. Foglizzo also offer embossed, b-colour and haired leathers, together with reptile/exotic skins, leatherweaves and tiles.

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