Bamboo 3D Panels

Lama Concept

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Bamboo 3D panels are handmade by casting bamboo sections in translucent resins. The diagonally-cut bamboo sections may be open or filled with a different colour resin for a spatial effect. By changing the amount, size, or direction of bamboo ovals, the acoustic performance of the panels changes as well as their look and feel. Light enhances the translucency and pattern of the panels, making their effect as subtle or prominent as desired.

Bamboo is an interesting sustainable material, as it is fast growing, is relatively cheap, and it possesses the properties of hardwood. Bamboo 3D panels are the result of a challenge to give bamboo a more modern look. LAMA concept was invited as part of a group of product designers to take part in a design lab concentrating on re-inventing bamboo for today´s design market. LAMA consciously chose not to use bamboo as an integrated fiber, but in its familiar, tubular form as they felt that the material should be a prominent feature in the design rather than being hidden.

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