Screen Nature Ultimetal


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Screen Nature Ultimetal features a range of transparent screens for solar shading, with a minimum environmental impact, sound health and safety features for users, and sound optical and thermal performance. The lightweight fabric with a renewable mineral composition uses fewer raw materials, and has a reduced energy consumption during manufacture. The fabric is compact to make savings on packaging and transport. Threads are recycled as decorative screening panels.

Blinds using the Screen Nature Ultimetal range can make energy savings (air conditioning and artificial light) throughout their lifetime (30 years). The Screen Nature range contains no toxic or hazardous substances. The fabric incorporates a low-emissivity layer to improve the thermal protection of the glazing/blind system.

Screen Nature Ultimetal fabrics are incombustible so they have the best fire certification.

The Screen Nature Ultimetal’s open-mesh fabric range can be printed (digital printing) with logos or graphics and still maintain its transparency and solar-shading capabilities.

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