Bamboo Groove & Star Canopy

United States

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- story by MaterialDistrict

Washi is made from fibers of a variety of plants, including mulberry plants, shrubs and hemp. The mulberry plant is the primary plant used. The fibers are stripped, cleaned, pounded and stretched. They are then mixed in a solution made from tororo-aoi, a variety of sticky mountain potatoes. The mixture is spread thinly and evenly across bamboo screens, where it is then left to dry.

‘Bamboo Groove’ produces the effect of a grove of bamboo focusing primarily on its leaves that leaves that intertwines with another. The overlapping of leaves provides an interesting texture to the washi.

Meanwhile, ‘Star Canopy’ has a starry night effect, which is expressed in the washi through various distinct lines on the parchment. These lines provide the texture for the washi and at its various crossed points, the star is formed.

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