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This material is no longer available.

These lightweight and strong panels are made of linen (flax) and a biobased resin. It is also possible to make the panels with a core of cork, so that the total material is 100% biobased.

Flax is an environmental friendly grown fiber. Like cotton, flax  fibre is a cellulose polymer, but its structure is more crystalline, making it stronger, crisper and stiffer to handle, and more easily wrinkled. Flax fibres range in length up to 90 cm, and average 12 to 16 microns in diameter. They absorb and release water quickly, making linen comfortable to wear in hot weather.

With interesting acoustic and aesthetic properties, this range of products can find its way in home interiors for lightweight decorative panels and can also be used to create furniture and objects. You simply need a source of heat to put in shape the textile (few minutes with a powerful hair dryer!).

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