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To manufacture this 3D veneer, sliced or rotary cut wood veneer is cut into small strips. Danzer’s 3D technology then deep draws the veneer. According to Danzer, this results in a closed surface, with a high degree of stability for the formed mats.

With its 3D veneer, the grain pattern follows the shape of the part. Being a lightweight product, the 3D veneer can be used for flat as well as curved parts.

Danzer also announced the development of 3D inner layers, which further enhance the usability, and stability of the veneer product. Sizes available are a maximum length of 1300 mm (with up to 2100 mm available upon request) and a maximum width of 980 mm. The veneers can be joined together to form wider widths. The ticknesses of this material is 1,15 mm +/- 0,05 mm.

If milled or coated veneer products do not meet your needs, Danzer can process 3D veneer into pressed parts. During production, they use a compression mold that is developed and custom produces for you. Danzer can manage projects turnkey from the first sketch to the industrial realization.

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