Aestetica composites

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Composites are used to build aircraft, cars, bridges and boats, and all attention goes to the technical performance. These composites are also beautiful.

Aestetica is a novel way to put colour, texture and depth onto the surfaces in the same manufacturing process. Carbon is lighter and stronger than glass so where weight needs to be the minimum this is the backing to use with Aestetica. The composite qualities are enhanced with a UV stabiliser in the epoxy resin. Epoxy systems are tough and durable. You can choose the fabric to suit the piece you want to make and the style you wish to achieve. Lacquered finishes mean that matt, gloss and other special finishes can make your item unique.

One of the most recent techniques for making composite components is by using prepreg fibre reinforcement, cured under heat and pressure to produce professional quality parts with a high quality surface finish and low resin content. An uncured fibre is easy to handle and can be cut and laid precisely into the moulds making the process ideal for smaller, complex parts. The ease and accuracy with which the material can be templated and cut means that material can be used very efficiently; significantly reducing waste compared to other manufacturing techniques.

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