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These tiles contain 85% quartz, a semi-precious stone which is known for being extremely difficult to produce. Quartz tiles are extremely hard and durable. The tiles are available in various sizes and can be used for interior and exterior purposes. The patterns of the tiles based on mathematical formula were codified over the years into a set of designs that have both symbolic and spiritual significance.

The tiles were decorated by master artisans, so-called “nakkash”, that were brought from throughout the empire to Istanbul and Iznik to carry out this art. Given that they are comprised of 85% of quartz stone, and the complexity regarding the production process, Iznik tiles resist “time decay”. Their durability may last for even 500 years. Most importantly, Iznik tiles are handmade. The production process, which lasts for seventy days for each tile, takes place in Iznik, where master and specialized artisans, equipped with the necessary knowledge and expertise, create the finest shapes and designs.

Famous representatives of the world of the architecture and design, like Zaha Hadid and Ettore Sottsass have made tile designs in the more contemporary way.

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