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- story by MaterialDistrict

Jungle is made from the roots of felled teak trees. For obvious reasons, this material has not seen much daylight, but it is truly striking! With a distinctive liquid grain texture, Jungle captures the imagination within a sharp pixelated framework.

To make Jungle, teak root is finished with fine sanding and treated with DTM wood preservative and Fungiflex. Available colours are a mix of natural brown colours and available dimensions are 600×600 mm and 100×100 mm.

Jungle is created by Wonderwall Studios, a creative studio that designs and produces wooden panelling for walls and surfaces. They use exclusively salvaged wood and employ local professional craftsmen. At Wonderwall Studios, they believe strongly in taking proper care of the communities they work in and the people they work with. The woods they use are therefore exclusively salvaged from abandoned houses, derelict sheds, rail road-sleepers, naturally fallen trees and old floors. Anything goes really, as long as it’s reclaimed. The local craftsmen they work with are professional carpenters and tradesmen who are paid fair trade wages.

Wonderwall keeps everything they do in-house: From the reclamation of the wood to the design, marketing and selling of the collection.

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