Marinex Bearings


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These bearings are used for marine purposes but have such a high technical performance that it can be used for other purposes too. Marinex uses phenolic or polyester resins in a unique fibre/resin structure that gives great mechanical strength and resistance to shear or creep. The latest shaft and rudder grade, Aquarius, resists marine growth and machines without dust or fumes. It does not deform with increased temperature – non Melting, thermal expansion grades to suit a wide range of operating temperatures, no corrosion issues with aluminium carriers. It is dimensionally stable whilst machining and non flammable.

This material does not delaminate. Other properties include Arctic and Arctic extreme grades for operation in 0 to 50C environment, fibre reinforced but not fibre wound, no freeze fitting, easier installation, grades for hot acid or hot caustics, chemical-Industrial-Marine-Electrical-Mining-Process grades available.

Maritex can be supplied in tube, square, hollow square, discs or sheets. It machines easily without dust and virtually no smell, producing a swarf that is not flammable.

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