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Barlo SPC Diamond


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Barlo SPC Diamond is a new type of multiwall polycarbonate sheet, the product of intensive research into how to obtain a product with greater rigidity and better thermal insulation.
Two types of sheet are available: Cool White and Super Cool White.
Barlo SPC Diamond sheets are mainly used for conservatory roofing, but many other application areas are possible. The sheets are exceptionally rigid. In normal circumstances a 32 mm thick sheet will support a loading of 100kg per m2. The light transmission value can be as high as 60% for a 16 mm thickness.
Diamond sheets are treated to resist UV radiation and have a 10 year guarantee against yellowing.
Thermal insulation values can reach a U-value of 1.4 for a 32 mm thickness.
Two types of sheet are especially designed to reduce heat build-up: Cool White and Super Cool White.

Product range
BARLO SPC Diamond sheets are available in colours: clear, opal and smoke and in thicknesses : 16mm , 25mm and 32 mm.

Diamond Cool White

o BARLO SPC Diamond Cool White provides roofing with an even translucent opal effect
o The mineral additive in the sheet reflects the majority of infrared radiation away from the roof
o This reflective property means an expected reduction of as much as 17°C in inside temperature.

Super Cool White
o BARLO SPC Diamond Super Cool White has the appearance of clear sheeting with an opal finish to the outside surface
o Unlike other reflective sheets available on the market, which typically have low light transmission values, Barlo Super Cool White sheet has a light transmission higher than 40%, regardless of thickness.
o Super Cool White sheet guarantees optimum reflection of infrared radiation, achieving a solar rate (light transmission/solar transmission), as high as 1.2 for a 32 mm thick sheet.
o Conservatories
o Winter gardens
o Pergolas
o Roofing
o Cladding

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