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Dichrolam is a color – changing laminated glass like dichroic glass without the cost or size limitation. Clear Dichrolam can diffract light, and opaque Dichrolam can be tiles to tables.
Dichrolam is divided in two textures: Dichrolam “Sea” textures (3D wave-textured/embossed surfacing) and Dichrolam “Red and Green” (flat, mirror-like laminations).

Sea textures
The “Sea” textured Dichrolam is available in rigid or flexible sheets in glass or abrasion-resistant acrylic, with a lamination on the underside of a hand – patterned dichroic (color-changing) material exhibiting a wavy “viening” effect that simulates a cross between water waves and fine burled wood veneer.

Red and Green
This is a laminated glass or plastic sheet that is not textured, but mirror-like in its flat surface and reflectivity. This product utilizes color-changing layers that are uniquely color-saturated in the transmitted and reflected light FX, as well as opaque construction for purely reflective dichroism.

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