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In 2001 the Hungarian architect Á ron Losonczi invented LiTraCon, the first “transparant concrete” capable of transmitting light. LiTraCon is a concrete material that turns out to be light conducting thanks to embedded glass fibres. Light passes through the block, from one side to the other, without significant loss, so illuminating the darker side of the block. Shadows are transmitted and appear clearly outlined on the surface remote from the light source. In principle it is possible to precast this type of concrete in any size.

LiTraCon blocks and slabs have exactly the same technical characteristics as ordinary concrete blocks and slabs. The mixture can be adjusted to suit the requirements of the project with which the architect is involved. At present fibres are available in glass or plastic and in diameters ranging from 2 micrometres to 2 millimetres. Finally the technique used to make LiTraCon blocks or slabs can be altered to produce the aesthetic effect desired. Should the effect be slightly diffuse or is the requirement for a particular type of grid or even a logo? These and other kinds of effects can all be achieved after proper advance discussion of your project.

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