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Bcomp develops and patents technologies allowing the fabrication of eco-superior products from natural fibres. Bcomp is a natural architectural textile alternative.

Natural fibers can be defined as substances produced by plants and animals that can be spun into filament, thread or rope and in a next step can be woven, knitted, matted or bound. The main reasons for the increasing popularity of biocomposites – or natural fibre composites (NFCs) – are the availability, consistent quality, variety and environmental friendliness of natural fibres.

The most viable structural fibres used in these architectural textiles typically derive from specifically grown textile plants and fruit trees. Natural fibres are subdivided into bast fibres (flax, hemp, jute and kenaf) and leaf fibres (sisal, pineapples and henequen), grass fibres (bamboo and miscanthus), straw fibres (corn and wheat), seed fibres (cotton and capok), wood fibres (pinewood), and fruit fibres (coconut).

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