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This material is no longer available.

Conventional production of bamboo slabs wastes up to 40% of the raw material used. Production of these bamboo lightweight boards substantially reduces waste while effectively utilizing the potential of bamboo cane as a natural resource.

To create this material, oblique cross-sections of bamboo cane are laid between thin sheets, which in turn consist of cross-bonded bamboo strips. From this layering, the end material gains a strong structure. The diagonally cut bamboo cross-sections are glued in alternate rows and facing in opposite directions, thus creating a particularly resilient core, technologically reminiscent of a truss structure. The oblique cut face of the sections maximises the available adhesive surface, thus providing optimal distribution of acting forces. The stability of a 35 mm Conbou Bamboo sandwich panel is equivalent to that of a 6 mm steel plate or a 23 mm plywood board, while only weighing a fraction of those materials.

Typical applications for Conbou Bamboo include its use for furniture making, interior fittings, self-supporting lightweight elements for outdoor use, prefabricated elements, as well as an interior fitting material for ships or vehicles.



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