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Thanks to its unique properties, flax may be woven into a very wide range of fabrics. From very fine batiste to heavy canvas, Belgian Linen is used in apparel and household linen, drapery and upholstery fabric, technical canvas and wallcoverings. More than ever, Belgian Linen is recognised as ‘the natural fabric’, a champion in sustainable development.

Deltracon is a linen weaver from the heart of the world’s linen industry: Flanders. The company has been developing and producing high end linen fabrics since 1989. The company’s goal is offering an always creative, original and innovative design product of the highest quality using and respecting a natural fibre: flax. Since 2009, Deltracon’s product portfolio has been enriched with the in-house production of linen textile accessories: trimmings, tiebacks, tassels, ribbons, cords – accessories that might be considered superfluous nowadays, but add a unique touch to every home or decoration.

The linen industry finds its roots in the Belgian landscape and small scale weavers such as Deltracon  maintain this unique know how and age-old craftsmanship, carrying it forward through time.

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