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Takeo is a specialized paper trading company that, since 1899, has been contributing to the expansion of the paper market by developing and making fine paper materials that combine colour with texture and pattern.

Each paper has a distinctive application or finish. For example, when debossed, Pachica’s impressed areas become transparent, giving business cards or invitations for example a unique look. Tant Select TS-1 features debossing on both sides, creating a linen-like appearance that becomes translucent in the light. Tassel GA takes on a woven look thanks to its diagonal waffle pattern and single-sided embossing.

Tamashiki Arare incorporates a traditional Japanese paper-making technique called Sukashi: relief designs are attached to the mould surface when creating the sheet, leaving impressions over the relief areas, where the pulp is thinner . The Arare range features a full polka-dot pattern inspired by traditional Japanese motifs.

Both Tela and Yomoshi have a distinctive woven appearance. The appearance of Yomoshi is achieved by incorporating sheep’s wool into the make-up (15%) in order to create a coarse surface texture.

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