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All bespoke work of Genevieve Bennett is crafted, by hand, in London. These unique pieces, characteristically working with premium leather, are exquisite statements of intricate hand sculpting. Commissions range from small single panels to the imposing larger works covering entire walls. Her expertise in engraving and embossing leathers has been utilized in a series of bespoke leather wall tile projects.

Genevieve’s work is sought after by interior designers and private collectors globally. It is used in boutique hotels, private residences, restaurants and retail spaces of those looking for unique artwork installations. Genevieve works closely with a client to develop individual works on a commission basis. She is committed to the pursuit of exploring and cross pollenating intriguing pattern, luxury materials and innovative techniques to create exquisite, covetable and lasting pieces.

In a charming Victorian industrial space she has created a place where a dizzying and diverse array of influences converge. The ornate sculpted and embossed leather wallcoverings of 16th Century Europe are a strong inspiration. The intricate beauty of the carved wood panels of master craftsman Grinling Gibbons is a trace element in her work.

She is, however, no slave to uncompromised tradition. Her work is equally infusedwith a charge of Modernism. Bold geometry counters the filigree. She studies sculptural form and it’s response to light and shadow. Every project originates with a drawing. A pencil, later ink, on paper. Elementally simple, her line drawings are informed by, and express, a long love of Islamic tile, English Arts and Craft, Victorian lace and an almost infinite cull of influence.

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