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Completely biodegradable, Sizopreg is a composite of jute and bioplastics. It is a natural fabric with reinforced bio-plastic, or a bio-composite. It is made of high quality polylacticacid (PLA).

It is produced from sugars that with the help of bacteria is transformed into lactic acid, and then made into a polymer. The polymer from which Sizopreg exists has its origins in the cultivation of sugar cane and uses Cradle-to-Cradle certified PLA. The decorative panels of Sizopreg are dimensionally stable in standard conditions, but also retain excellent ductility in the higher temperature range. Further, it remains resilient and pliable in the cold.

Sizopreg is potentially recyclable, reformed with the help of heat as well as ground into a fibre. It is thus possible on this basis to develop Cradle-to-Cradle products. All materials were after their life in one product can be used in another product.

Additional benefits of Sizopreg include a workable temperature range of -30 to 80 degrees C, thermally deformable and biodegradable.

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