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BioFoamPearls is a biodegradable expanded insulation material with properties comparable to those of of EPS (Styrofoam). This organic EPS is suitable for insulation in new construction and renovation. The material is gathered from organic waste collections. After composting and some photosynthesis, a fermentation process is used which turns the result into lactide molecules. These are polymerised and form so-called biobeads. By then foaming the result, biofoam pearls are created.

A patented solution allows this foam to be heated and expanded to produce a substance that is 100% biodegradable. An important aspect in this respect is the reduced quantity of fossil fuel required to produce the material, compared to other insulation materials. Carbon dioxide emission levels are also 40% lower compared to average emission levels for all other petroleum-based plastics.

The ‘Grey’ BioFoamPearls® is an improvement on the ‘Green’ BioFoamPearls. It is now possible to achieve the highest possible insulation levels by using specially designed graphite beads with a thermal conductivity of 0,036 W/mK.

Applications include cavity wall insulation, roof insulation and floor insulation. The material is available in a dark grey colour with a density of around 18,6 kg/m3.

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