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Kiem developes Biocomposites for several industries to replace metal and plastic sheets. It is as stiff as glass fiber composites but cheaper and greener, it has the tripled strength of hard wood, good impact properties and makes constructions lighter than aluminum.
This is possible because of the imitation of wood itself by reinforcing industrial bioplastics with cellulosed based fibers. It is made of 100% natural resources, fully recyclable and biodegradable and therefore fits well in the technical or biological lifecycles.
Biopregs® are suitable for outdoor applications and has resistance to water, chemicals, UV light, and to crimp. They can be delivered in glossy, satin or structured surfaces in endless length (on roll) and with a wide up to several meters depending on the wide of the fabrics or the used press. It can replace wood laminates, multiplex or even metal sheet as a greener and economical alternative. Through its mechanical and esthetical flexibility, unique composites can be made for each architectural or industrial design project..
Biopregs® can be continuously molded with thermoforming pressing processes, like high pressure vacuum forming or rubber pressing. It can be folded with heated machines and cut, sawed or drilled with tools for wood processing. Painting, printing or gluing is easy because of the natural fibers at the surface.

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