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The collection Nonwovens stands for exclusively designed textiles in which organic materials such as pine needles, grasses and leaves have been worked into.
Some materials appear to be stitched on top of the fabric, others become completely textural. The textile designer Sylvia Döhler has chosen to create fabrics that do not only imitate nature but embody a link between unspoiled nature and selected textiles.

Due to various materials that are focused by the main fabric in the manufacturing process, special patterns and structures become evident.
The natural materials dye the textiles in an individual process by bleeding their pigments into the fabric.

These natural textiles can be used for manifold purposes as interior decoration.

Currently 4 collections available: Pinus nigra (pineneedles), Lunaria annua (lunaria), Xerophyllum tenax (grasses), Acer platanoides (acer)
All nonwovens are unique articles since each is manufactured individually.

All designs of the collection can be ordered by running meters and will be manufactured in limited batch production.

Beside the fabrics of the collection there is always a range of new fabrics in progress. The available amount of the used materials defines if these textiles can be offered within the collection or if they are manufactured as one-offs.

Unique items can be made upon request.

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