Black Gold


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- story by MaterialDistrict

Black Gold challenges how we treat valuable remainders of the oil industry.

Asphalt is an ubiquitous material in our urban fabric. It is everywhere, but since it is only regarded in purely functional terms, its potential remains unseen. Asphalt has rather unique properties and aesthetic qualities.

This material is a remainder of the oil industry. It is a by product of transit, trade, commerce and lobbyism. It is an unnoticed by product of prosperity and yet of such great importance. With the Black Gold material and objects, Quintus intends not only to show an aesthetic that has been overlooked for almost a century, manifesting the capabilities of the material and its industry of today, but rather aim to show, and reflect upon, a piece of our current consumer society that in time will not only seize to exist, but neither will it ever come back again, as monuments of its time.

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