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Bola TriGlass


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Bola TriGlass is an integrally woven sandwich fabric. It is woven in a revolutionary three-dimensional (3D) weaving process. It consist of two layers of 100% E-glass fabrics separated by interwoven vertical distance yarns, this forming an integral sandwich structure. The distance between the two fabric layers (top- and bottomlayer) can be varied and adapted to the desired thickness between 2 and 20 mm. The width of the fabric is 125 cm. Typical areal weight of the fabric lies around 1000 gr/ The fabrics are sold in 40 mtr rolls.
These 3D fabrics find their way in the fabric for applications in the Glass fibre Reinforced Plastics industry (GRP-business). They are used either as a core material or as a construction material. The fabrics offer you good drape-ability, good spring-back force and excellent impregnation. The yarns in the fabric have a silane sizing for excellent compatibility. A typical resin content in the laminate is 60% by weight.

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