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I.P.C. meets the demand for a protective coating which is both extremely durable and resistant to extreme mechanical loads and chemical exposure. The I.P.C. is a two-components 100% solids elastomeric polyurethane coating system. Its high levels of tensile strength tear strength and abrasion/impact resistance properties make it an ideal coating for the fabrication, construction, processing and marine industries. It is used for coating metal, wood, concrete, fiberglass and many other surfaces.
IPC is a two-pack polyurethane coating applied by hot spraying. The sprayer pump heats the two components to approx. 70 degrees C, they then flow to the gun through two heated hoses, are mixed in the gun, and sprayed onto the work piece.
IPC can be applied to all substrates, if the surface has been treated with an appropriate primer. IPC is an extremely versatile product: it can be used as a protective coating, decorative coating, to improve hygiene, or to provide waterproofing.

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