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The BrickBin is a sustainable waste bin of made of your own recycled plastic for separate collection of waste. Produced in the Netherlands from recycled plastic (HDPE) consisting of caps and packaging, the bin is manufactured using a rotational moulding process. The waste separation unit has a hinged lid with coloured aluminium plate with opening (Ø 20 cm) with symbol and text to indicate the waste flow. The integrated bag holding brackets ensure that the waste bag is easy to clamp. Optionally, a plastic screw set is available to connect several bins to form a waste separation station.

The BrickBin offers a modular, minimalist and “easy on the eye” solution to garbage disposal: a straight forward bin, which can be customized both in colour, logo and top, to clearly mark which litter it’s intended to collect. Put 3 together for paper, plastics and waste to have a uniform solution!

The Brickbin represents the essence of Circular Design: simplicity, design and circularity: Each and every Brickbin is produced out of 100% recycled materials. The Brickbin is offered in a variety of materials, such as recycled astro turf, coffee grounds and bottle caps. The options are endless, because choosing a colour is basically choosing what exactly to recycle!

Colours:  (waste material)
White (Plastic bottles)
Grey  (Bottle caps)
Black  (Bottle caps)
Dark brown (Coffee grounds)
Green  (Astro Turf)

Please contact the sales department to learn more about how to turn your waste into Brickbins or how to customise! The BrickBin has many custom options, such as your logo or a logo picture of the purpose of the bin can be displayed on the side, both for the body and for the top.

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