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Cava will make your kitchen or any other project sparkle!
Diresco’s latest product line, with the festive name of Cava, once more manages to surprise. An innovative production process in which transparent D-Quartz particles in the quartz composite bubble to the surface has produced a sparkling material with an industrial concrete & travertine look that is perfectly in tune with the latest living and design trends – what’s more it is a durable material, able to withstand the wear-and-tear of everyday life.

Cava: trendy yet timeless
With three colourways – Cloud, Mocca and Ice – the Cava line blends effortlessly with all styles and moods: introduce clean lines to a country-inspired kitchen, add the finishing touch to a sleek interior or an element of luxury to a pure, minimalist design… Let your imagination run wild as the possibilities are virtually limitless!

Whatever you choose, the high-quality workmanship and sophisticated appearance will ensure a timeless, harmonious look. Thanks to its versatility, Cava also adds value to any home, office or retail environment, and can even be used as a floor or wall covering.

Outdoor living lifestyle
The new Cava line also has Diresco’s unique BIO-UV technology which makes it durable and more resistant to sunlight. If there is one thing that the corona pandemic has taught us, it is that our outdoor living space is invaluable. We have been made sharply aware of the value of our patio as a living space, a place to entertain friends and enjoy life. Have you ever dreamt of having an outdoor kitchen where you can relax with an aperitif? Also, the Cava line takes the inside outside, to savour a luxurious ‘outdoor living lifestyle’.

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