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- story by Donkersloot


Biobased Canvas
When wind and sea interplay, this capricious pattern of ripples in the sand emerges. A silent proof of nature’s power and beauty. Exactly what this biobased rug embodies. Its character being rugged and vigorous. Being all natural with a 100% linen face pile and 100% jute backing, this rug is completely biodegradable. A rug that keeps attracting the eye, but leaves no trace.

At Donkersloot they believe they have a responsibility for the future. Creativity is not only used to make the thrilling designs. They challenge their way of production to change for more sustainability. Together, we can make the difference.

Rethinking the impact
No concessions are made in design nor sustainability. The flax fibres in the linen are grown in Europe, without the use of pesticides and have a natural tear-resistant property. Combined with the jute and specially selected raw materials for the compound makes Donkersloot Biobased fully biodegradable. This literally means the product is compostable. Thus, robustness and sustainability go hand in hand, allowing to make a sophisticated statement in design whilst contributing to a better future.

Natural beauty
Donkersloot Biobased is a natural product that behaves organically. The natural flax fibre in the linen gives the carpet durability, longevity, sustainability and a pearly shine as time passes. In all its elegance, it contributes to a comfortable indoor air quality through the linen fibres, which can regulate humidity and are ideally suited for under-floor heating.

100% linen face pile + 100% jute backing = 100% biodegradable

With pride Donkersloot presents this bouclé rug that comes in three delicate shades, remnant of the structures in sand, painted by natural forces.

Donkersloot Biobased guarantees healthy indoor air quality by meeting the requirements for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) emissions of:

  • German AgBB
  • French VOC-ordinance (Décret n∘ 2011-321)
  • Belgian VOC-ordinance
  • LEED v4 (outside North America)
  • BREEAM Exemplary Level (International New Construction 2016 (Technical Manual SD233 2.0)

Linen + Jute = all Natural

  • Renewable crop of flax absorbs CO2 when growing
  • Sustainable production, without pesticides
  • From dust to dust 100% biodegradable, 100% compostable
  • Scent-free natural ingredients and a specially developed compound with carefully selected raw materials.
  • Heavy duty quality – the renowned Donkersloot characteristic
  • Design statement merging forces of nature in robustness and elegance

Natural properties for sophisticated and comfortable living

  • character in design – wear gives shine
  • absorbs and releases humidity for climate control
  • heat conductivity
  • no additives – no emissions
  • naturally tear-resistant

Material Properties