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Capu-Cell is a semi-closed cell, hydrophilic polyurethane foam with unique physical properties to enable you to create your own line of unique products. Highly absorbent – Capu-Cell foam is capable of absorbing up to 15 times its weight in fluids making it a highly effective wiper device. Due to its high impregnation capacity, Capu-Cell’s polymer matrix can be formulated with disinfectants, odor suppressants, surfactants, antibiotics, etc.

Soft to the touch – Capu-Cell is ideal as a medical device or specialty wipe, as the material will not scratch skin tissue and electronic parts. Superior strength – Capu-Cell resists tearing, either in a saturated or dry condition, and it has low particulate content.

Consistent performance – Capu-Cell releases liquid only under pressure. Its rate of release is amazingly constant. The foam will air dry and it is dry to the touch while it stores product for the next use.

Product Features
• High tensile strength, elongation and dimensional stability
• Resistant to most chemicals, even solvents
• A range of densities available
• Durable and reusable
• Available in white and a wide range of colors

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