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TIMax Decor decorative inlay


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TIMax Decor is a decorative woven glass fiber insert material for installation behind ventilated curtain facades (VCF) for U-profiled glass. VCF-facades provide permanent weather protection and have a very elegant architectural appearance. However, it is usually possible to look through the outer glass shell directly onto the masonry or onto the thermal insulation. TIMax Decor constitutes a decorative vision mask directly behind the profiled glass – it is no longer possible to look through directly onto the thermal insulation. The glass facade is optically upgraded.

An additional coating on the back side of TIMax Decor prevents dirt deposits from air circulation in the gap between the glass and the thermal insulation from becoming visible in the course of time.

TIMax Decor is available in various colors, with white as standard variant.

TIMax Decor is UV-stable, temperature resistant up to 100°C. It is open to vapor diffusion and thus humidity getting to the insert can dry. It is very easy to install in the profiled glass system.

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