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Cast Aluminium


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Aluminium can be casted in many desired forms. The casted aluminium can then be finished in four different ways: tumbling, blasting, brushing and polishing. Which kind of finishing is to be chosen first of all depends on the desired look. The blasted and tumbled finishes provide a more rough look, while polished and brushed finishes provide straightforward or design looks. The second important consideration in selecting the finishing should be the conditions in which the material is applied. A shiny look for a product that will be used outdoors seems to be best obtained by polishing, but due to the environmental influences the shine will disappear. Tumbling gives a more lasting result and will be an appropriate finishing technique. The MAS-hand has been produced based on a copy of a human hand. This copy was used in the casting-mould, made in sand. Seawater resistant aluminium has been used for production. The MAS-hand has been designed as a decoration for the façades of the Museum Aan de Stroom (Antwerp, Belgium. Designed by Neutelings Riedijk Architects) with tumbled finishing. The Metrobowl was first 3D drawn by designer Frederik Roijé. The fruit bowl designs have been inspired by maps of Amsterdam and Manhattan. Based on the 3D drawing, the casting-mould has been made by CNC-milling. For this product there wasn’t any other way to make the mould, because of the very sharp details in the design. For the original Metrobowl the casted aluminium is blasted.

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