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Teak Edge Grain

United States

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Teak wood combines a rich exotic grain with the natural resistance to moisture and insects. The wood is quite stable with very little shrinkage during drying. Proteak makes use of the distinctive teak grain, that is especially shown in young wood. The edge grain shows long winding lines. Teak has a golden brown heartwood, turning darker with exposure. The sapwood is cream coloured. In old growth teak, the proportion of sapwood is quite small since trees grow slow, but the sapwood proportion of young trees is significant. Proteak harvests young teak trees on its plantations to make room for other trees to mature. The smaller logs are often considered hard to use and are burned, but Proteak has developed a way to mill them. In terms of strength and durability young teak is the same as mature teak. The wood is sturdy and self-healing. Thanks to a high resin content teak resists moisture, termites, acid and fungus, and also warping and cracking. The renewably-harvested teak lumber of Proteak is grown on reclaimed ranch lands along Mexico’s Pacific coast. Through the environmental stewardship, Proteak also protects virgin tropical forests adjacent to its plantations.

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